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Play Station 5 has been announced.

The all new playstation 5 prices have been announced .

There a 2 version of playstation 5 that is 

the Digital version and the standard version.
it comes with 4k HDR support.

PS5  key specifications 

It comes with 8 core AMD Zen2 CPU  clocked at 3.5Ghz(variable frequency) and 10.28 TFLoPS,36 cu clocked at 2.23 Ghz (variable frequency) Amd GPU.
16gb ddr6 256bit ram with memory bandwidth of 448GB/s 
825 Gb  custom SSD storage 
I/O throughput is 5.5GB/s (raw) and  typically around 8-9 GB (compressed)
There’s an expandable nvme SSD slot for storage expansion
USB HDD support 
It has 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive .

It will be available in US, JAPAN, Mexico, Australia, Newzealand and South korea From 12th November. 
Rest of the World From 19th November.

It will be available in India too from November 19th .


The playstation 5 digital version has been priced at 399$ and the Playstation 5 priced at 499$ .

There’s no word about the Indian pricing . 

At this pricing the PS 5 directly competes the X box series X which is priced at 499$.

IN PS 5 digital edition you won’t get the disc reader which cost you 100$ cheaper.

PS-5 Priced in India @ Rs 49,990 and PS-5 Digital Edition Priced at 39,990 Rs.


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