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Realme’s Smooth Scrolling does it really Improves or Just a gimmick ?

Smooth Scrolling is it a gimmick ? or Does it really improves your Scrolling experience.

Few Months ago Realme introduced a new Feature in their Realme UI and that Feature is Smooth Scrolling which makes your Scrolling effect Smooth, You Can enable it by entering into Settings-Realme Labs there you Can find Smooth Scrolling Option enable it to Experience Smooth Scrolling.

As I’m Using Realme 2 Pro, which got Smooth Scrolling Update today, I’m Late on it. 

At First I thought its a gimmick but its not after using it i’ve Changed my Opinion on it.

Here’s the Quick Comparison between Smooth Scrolling enabled and Disabled.                                                                                                                                                                

 Smooth Scrolling Enabled 

Smooth Scrolling Disabled 
We Can Clearly See when Smooth Scrolling is enabled, at Just one Scroll it reached more Feeds on YouTube.

So Smooth Scrolling Works and it works good you can’t see its effect in your home screen or Settings menu, But you can definitely see the difference while Scrolling on YouTube, Instagram and Web Pages. It’s not Something like it Improves the refresh rate of your device, it Just improves Scrolling experience.

So Having Smooth Scrolling on Your Realme devices is a good feature, as it improves your Feed Scrolling experience.

I Liked this Feature From Realme and its Cool to have it, Good Job realme.


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