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Oppo Find X3 to Launch in 2021 with all New Full-Path Colour Management and 10 Bit Support.

OPPO Find X3 Flagship to launch in 2021.

OPPO Confirmed, it’s Flagship Devices OPPO Find X3 Series Will be Launching in 2021 with all new Image and Video algorithms i.e OPPO’s self developed Full-Path Colour Management.

Oppo announced its Full Path Colour Management and it will be First Adopted in it’s Flagship Find X3 Series Devices. The Full path Colour Management System it Supports the 10bit Images / videos and DCi-P3 Wide Colour Gamut, Oppo Say’s It’s Full-Path Colour Management will Improve the Image Quality with better Dynamic Range and will have Accurate Colours.

OPPO Full Path Colour Management System brings you the 10 bit Images and 10 bit Videos with DCi-P3 and Oppo gets it by following all Steps Camera (Image Shot), Encoding, Storage, Decoding and Display (which is Final Output after image Processing). 

With this New algorithm OPPO is capable of bringing better HDR Images and HDR Video that too 10 Bit.

Oppo devices Colour Correction is not on Point and their R&D team have worked on it and they bring this new Colour Correction Solution 2.0, with the all new Colour Correction Solution 2.0 we can get More accurate and real Life Colours.

To get the accurate colour temperature on Display, OPPO have Set D65 as Standard Colour temperature for both sRGB and DCI-P3 gamuts, to get on point Colours.

With D65 set as Standard for both sRGB and DCI-P3 gamuts, we Will get more accurate and deep Colours, Now 10 Bit video and images will have deeper contrast and colour than 8 bit.

Oppo to Use HEIF ( High Efficiency Image File Format) File Format with Upcoming Find X3 Series which uses just half the Storage as JPEG format with the Camera Sensor and Size getting increased with Higher Mega Pixels the File Size getting Increased by huge Margin, With HEIF File Format we Can save Half the Storage in Our Device’s.


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