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Oppo Files a Patent for Detachable Camera Module it includes NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi and Built-in Battery.

Oppo Patents for a detachable Camera Module.

The New Patent From OPPO Looks Very Interesting. The Patent is regarding the detachable Camera Module.

Here are the Patent Images of OPPO’s detachable Camera.

The Patent Concept is all about the detachable Camera Module. According to this patent the user’s can detach the Camera module whenever they Wanted to Take it off from the Smartphone.

The Camera Module can be used as both  rear camera as well as selfie Camera and Video Calls.

The camera module is also said to come up with use USB Type-C, NFC, WiFi and Built-in Bluetooth. And It is also mentioned to have a built-in Lithium battery can be Charged whenever it needed and it also helps to put the Components in this Module and the device Size can be reduced.

If this patent becomes practical the Smartphone Camera Changes completely than the Companies can use High Size Camera Sensor and Lens. 

The Cameras can also be Upgraded in Future if Oppo makes the Upgrades to it and If it’s compatible with it.

If oppo Launches the Smartphone with this type of Camera Module OPPO Should bring the Multiple Options each with different Camera Set-up, So the User’s Can Choose as per their needs. For example if a User needs a vast options like Main Camera, Telephone, Wide angle camera and a Macro Lens, while the other type if user might Like a basic Camera Setup.

This patent looks Very Interesting, it’s Very good to see innovations like this from Oppo and Oppo recently showcased their rolling Smartphone in their INNO day 2020.


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