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Poco X2 with Android 11, what’s the Changes and Quick Overview !

Poco X2 users started receiving Android 11 update and Mine device just received the update yesterday and the Update is MIUI 12 based on Android 11,  Size of the Update is about 2.4GB.

Finally Android 11 comes to Poco x2 as Promised by Poco. The update change log  is very less, it’s just MIUI 12 with Android 11 with January 2021 Security patch and it fixes some minor Bugs.

Poco X2 with Android 11 :

After the Update the device was slightly laggy and I could notice some minor slutters while using the device, which is pretty normal it happens with most of the device’s after the Update.

After few minutes the device is Stable and it’s Smooth as usual as it has 120hz Super Smooth Display, I can’t say that it has become even more smooth after the Update, i felt the Smoothness of the device is Same as before as it’s MIUI 12.

I’m waiting for MIUI 12.5 to test and see what’s the difference, is it really that Superior compared to MIUI 12 as claimed.

let’s first look into the new update with Android 11.

As it received Android 11 it comes with all the Privacy features of Android 11.

Finally yes finally Poco pushed the Navigation Gesture Bar with this Update and Poco user’s were waiting for this from a very long time, at last We have received it, the Navigation gesture Bar is very Cool and looks awesome. We can swipe the Gesture Bar to go back to previous apps and swipe up and Hold for task manager.

This Android 11 update removes the Floating window option for Apps from the Task manager but still you can use it.

Open the App you want to use as Floating window then open the Control Menu and then swipe down further and you will find Floating widget option and the App will be Floating. Use this alternative until Poco provides the Option in Task manager.

As it’s first Stable Android 11 update for Poco X2, we can expect Poco Software team to push that feature to access from Task manager too in the next Update or Future updates.

What i also noticed is the Notification are not sub dividing as it should happen in the Android 11. I couldn’t found more than these few changes in this new update, i hope whatever features are missing Poco will add them in further Updates.

I request Poco to Provide regular Updates, the last update i got was in October, i guess, As my device’s security patch before this update was of October 2020. So mine request for the Poco India team to provide monthly Security updates / at-least one Update in every two months.

Note : I’ll write my full review after using the device for at-least a week from now. I’ll tell you guys how long does the device will take to full Charge, Battery draining ?, Camera Performance, device speed etc.

Update related Queries and Questions :

If you any queries/ questions regarding this Update comment below, I would try to answer all your questions.        


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