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Realme 2 Pro Pixel Plus UI (Android 11) Review : ‘Imperfectly Perfect’.

It’s been more than two years since I’m being using Realme 2 Pro, realme 2 Pro launched in India with Android 8 and it got two Android updates, Color OS 6 (Android 9.0) and Realme UI (Android 10). So I got two Android updates as promised by realme.
Realme 2 Pro is the device that made realme a game-changer in the Market followed by Realme 3 Pro. So now I’ve been in search of the Best Android 11 Custom ROMs available Out there. Finally got Pixel Plus UI based on Android 11. It’s almost like Google’s Pixel Stock UI with some small customizations available. It’s an Official Rom.
Pixel Plus UI is ‘Imperfectly Perfect‘ to use in our day-to-day usage and it’s close to stock Android with add-on Features.

PIXEL PLUS UI 3.1 (Android 11) review:


The UI Feels very Smooth and the Animations are Blazing Fast. Apps opening-closing Animation is Faster just like how they are on Pixel devices. If we compare it with Realme UI it’s Way better in terms of looks as well as Optimization. It nowhere comes close to Pixel Plus UI.
As the ROM is based on Pixel UI there’s no bloat what so ever and by default, you get only Few Google apps and Other Customizations.

Here’s the Glance over Pixel Plus UI:


As it runs on Pixel UI based on Android 11 we get top-notch Performance, the Device is buttery Smooth, and Superfast when compared to realme UI which was based on Android 10. 

The device Performs Well and Fast thanks to Pixel Plus UI Rom. I’ve also tested Geek-bench scores and it scores 287 on Single Core and 1319 on multi Core.

Here’s the Gaming test of the Call of Duty Game:


I’ve played the game while Graphics set to Medium + High. At this setting, I’m getting Above 40 FPS and it even crosses 50 FPS. Sometimes the FPS gets down to like 38/39 FPSI even edit Videos on KineMaster and Export at 2k @ 60FPS

The Device temperature is also manageable it is not getting too hot while gaming. I won’t say it isn’t heating as we perform any heavy task it will heat, It isn’t heating that high that you can’t Play Further. SD 660 is a Capable Chipset on top of it we have Pixel UI.


Using Pixel Plus UI on my Realme 2 Pro, I’m getting more than 7 hours of Screen On Time (SOT) easily on Single Charge on Normal Usage and On Heavy usage, I’m getting 6 hrs to 7 hrs. The device get’s Fully Charged from 0-100% in less than 1 hr 50 minutes. 
Which is great on Realme UI, I was hardly getting 5-6hrs of SOT. Battery draining was the Major issue on realme UI.
Pixel Plus UI battery


On PixelPlus UI you will be getting GCam GO in place of the Stock camera and the Cam isn’t bad either the Back camera is kinda Ok. The Front Camera is Working great.
On GCam Go, You can’t Event customize the camera settings, as there aren’t many options available. There’s even no HDR Option available.
Pixel Plus UI Gcam Settings
You can’t even change the Video Quality and Frames Settings. The Gcam Go by default records the Videos at 4K 30FPS. The Video output is also good.

Rear Camera Samples:

PPUI rear Camera 
Pixel Plus UI rear camera sample
rear camera Closeup shot 

Shot on realme 2 Pro Pixel Plus UI

The shot was taken against the Sunlight.
This particular shot was taken against the Sunlight the Sunlight got exposed and the Foreground got under Exposed. You can control exposure to make Foreground well exposed. 
Rear Camera Sample.
The rear camera looks Good and the Details and the Colours look Quite Natural and the Images are very well exposed.

Selfie Camera:

PPUI Gcam Go Selfie
 Portrait Shot
Selfie Camera.
GCam Go Selfie Camera impressed me a lot I’m getting Amazing selfies from the Front Facing Camera on Realme 2 Pro. Above are the Camera samples taken on realme 2 Pro Using GCam Go. Usually, I don’t take many Selfies that’s why I’ve shared a few samples only.
If you look at the Portrait Selfie the Details are amazing and the Level of Bokeh and Background Blur is just on Point. The Edge detection is also really Great. To be honest I haven’t got these great Selfies from Realme’s Stock Camera App.
You can try Gcam Mod for getting better rear camera Images and Customizing Video Settings. I used NGCam Version
To use GCam you need to enable Camera 2 Api it’s by default turned on PixelPlus UI. You need to Flash the Cam 2 API enabler Zip and then You can install GCam. 
For Selfies I’ll Prefer Gcam Go it takes Selfies on Full resolution of 16MP while the Gcam takes Selfies at 4MP
Here’s the Link for NGcam including Configs and Cam 2Api enabler: Link 


As the Pixel Plus UI is Built on Android 11 on Top of Pixel UI. So we get all the features of Android 11.
  • Conversation Notifications.
  • Chat bubbles
  • Media Controls
  • Permissions and Privacy 
  • Dark mode scheduling
  • Customizable Picture in Picture Mode.
  • Improved Navigation Gestures.
  • Smart Home Control from Power menu 
  • Screenshot and Select text feature on Recent menu.
On top of these, we Get some additional Features from Pixel Plus UI. 

PIXEL PLUS UI Specialties:

We get a OnePlus Screen recorder instead of Google’s Screen recorder and you can do screen recording Up-to 4k @ 60FPS with the Bitrate of 24Mbps. The above Gameplay Video is recorded using This Screen recorder. We also got Ambient Display Mode available in the Display Settings.
We get Realme Settings in the Settings menu which has Options for Display Color Calibration for display Calibration changing Display Colours, warm / Cooler tone.
You also get an FPS counter and other miscellaneous features like Headphone gain, Microphone Gain, Vibration Strength, and USB OTG support. There’s also a Game Mode available in Realme Settings which boosts the Touching sampling for better Touch Response while Gaming.
You also get Support for Facial Unlock on top of Fingerprint Unlock, all these features work fine without any issues.
Pixel Plus UI settings

Cons in Pixel Plus UI:

As there are Pros there will be Some Cons as well. Here is something which I felt them as Cons.
The Major Con of this Custom ROM is Auto-Brightness isn’t Working, I’ve contacted the Rom Maintainer he said to add Deep Sleep Feature they have Compromised Auto-Brightness. Deep Sleep is the feature that makes the Device’s Battery Consumption very less When it’s idle. 
No call recording, as it comes with a Pixel dialer so no call recording. I’ve taken it as a con because other devices come with a Pixel dialer which also got a Call recording option. I hope we will see the call recording Options in Future Updates. Hand’s Free Google Assistant is also Not Working. 
Pixel Plus UI Ambient Display settings
Ambient Display Settings
The ambient display had three modes Pick-up, Hand wave, and Pocket only Hand wave is Working rest two aren’t working at all. Hand Wave is also like Hit / Miss.
I’ve contacted ROM maintainer / Builder he said all these Bugs will be fixed in the future versions of PIXEL PLUS UI for Realme 2 Pro other than Auto-Brightness fix. For auto-brightness fix, he said they require some time to figure it out.
Leaving these the Rom functions and Performs well. I don’t have any complaints regarding any other leaving above.
In the Upcoming Update of Pixel Plus UI, we are gonna See a Customization Option called ‘Pixelizer‘ in the settings menu which adds additional Customization features to the device like Force Fingerprint unlock even after reboot and Lockdown, double-tap on the status bar to Sleep, etc. Currently, I’m testing these Features and any bugs in them.


Pixel Plus UI Rom for Realme 2 Pro is One Of the Best Custom ROM available right time in the market. In Pixel Plus UI you get Pixel Experience with additional Customizations.
Pixel Plus UI Rom is the Rom which People might be Looking who wants the Stock Android experience with Some Customizations. Pixel Plus UI is an Official Rom, so you will get Guaranteed Updates.
Pixel Plus UI Additional Settings.
PPUI Additional Settings.
Pixelizer features

How to Install Pixel Plus UI on Your realme 2 Pro :

First, unlock the bootloader and install TWRP recovery. Boot into recovery and make a backup of your device before flashing Rom. 

Procedure to Unlock Bootloader and install TWRP recovery :

  • First, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your realme 2 Pro.
  • Connect your Smartphone With Your PC then open the given Folder platform tools.
  • Now Press shift and right-click on mouse then select open PowerShell window
  • Now enter ‘ADB devices’ to see whether your device is visible or Not if not reconnect your device enabling USB Debugging.
  • Next type ‘ADB reboot bootloader’, wait for a few seconds your device will now boot into the bootloader.
  • Now type ‘fastboot devices’ to see whether your device is showing or not. If it isn’t showing open Device manager and see the error in the input device list and update the driver.
  • Now type ‘fastboot flashing unlock’ then press enter. You will see an option on your device and then unlock the bootloader.
  • After unlocking the bootloader. Now in the PowerShell type ‘fastboot flash recovery’ and paste the TWRP File given in the Folder press enter.
  • After that boot into TWRP recovery.
  • Now click on Format the Data and type Yes and reboot into your device.
  • After booting into the system now reboot into the bootloader by holding the Volume Down and Power button together.
  • After entering into bootloader select recovery option using Volume button and press Power button. 
  • Now make a backup of the device and after creating a backup, now wipe Dalvik, Cache, System, Data, and Vendor. 
  • Now flash the Pixel Plus UI 3.4 and reboot to system and Enjoy the Pixel Experience.
Download the Platform-tools and TWRP from the Link (Drive Link)
Check out the XDA post for the ROM link and Follow the Post for a Clearer idea.
You can Also Find this ROM for other Devices too from the Link Below.


Check out Latest Pixel Plus UI 3.10 (October Update).





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