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Realme Gaming Finger Sleeves Review ! Does it worth it’s Price?

 Realme Gaming Finger Sleeves, realme launched them in the Narzo 30 series Launch event along with other Gaming accessories.

Realme Gaming Finger Sleeves Review:

I’ve received realme Gaming Finger Sleeves a Few days ago. I’ve been using them from the day I’ve received them and here’s my Full review of realme Gaming Finger Sleeves. You will receive a Pair of Sleeves in the package. 
These are my First Finger Sleeves and the Quality of the Sleeves is Good and the Design is really good with the grey and Black color with the Yellow-colored realme logo on top of them add an extra touch.
They fit perfectly as it’s universal Size anybody can use it. I’ve to Find Some issues with the Comfort of these Finger sleeves, I’ll say about it in the later part of the Post.

Gaming Experience:

After wearing them and using them, the Smart Phone feels very smooth the Touch response is just amazing it’s really fast and better than with our naked fingers. I’ve Played Call Of Duty Mobile using them and while Playing them I can see a notable Difference after wearing them. Not only Gaming but also Scrolling feed and using devices also feel Smooth, I’ve tested them on 60hz and 120Hz Display (Poco X2) Smartphones.
I usually get a lot of sweat while Gaming and while using these Finger Sleeves, I could play the game Continuously even after getting a sweat on my hands, Thumbs UP realme.


As I said earlier that I’ll discuss the Comfort of these Finger Sleeves. When I wore them for the first time on both thumbs I haven’t faced any issue but within few minutes of wearing them, I’ve started feeling discomfort in my Thumbs. I’ve even tried wearing them on other Fingers the result is the Same.
The elastic used in these Sleeves are not that great and it isn’t comfortable for me and even it is the discomfort I was using them and testing how does it work. 
After Playing some Multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Mobile and Was Seeing the Instagram and Twitter Feed I’ve removed the Sleeves and there are Circular Marks around my Thumbs.                                        Finger sleeves discomfort marks
I thought it’s a new set, so the Elastic would be tight even after using it for a couple of days every time it felt discomfort to me after wearing them. So Gamer’s if you are thinking to use them for a Long time then you guys will be disappointed.
The branding printed on the Sleeves gets off easily in daily wear and mine got off very easily and fast.
Gaming Sleeves from realme


I request realme to use the better elastic and possible way to figure it out in the Successor of realme Gaming Finger sleeves.

Does it Worth its Price?

I’ve mixed feeling over these Realme Gaming Finger Sleeves as I said after Wearing them the touch response of the device feels so great but you won’t be having Comfort wearing them.
At ₹179 (129₹ for Product and 50₹ for delivery), I won’t recommend you guys to buy them.
If you are a heavy Gamer and you get a lot of sweat from your hands and If you still want to go for them then buy it with any other products with an overall cart value of over 499 rupees to avail of Free DeliveryIt is available only on realme Store.
I’ve bought them for Rs. 79 using realme Coupon which I collected using realme Points. If you are still willing to buy them then don’t spend over Rs. 100 for it.


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