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Apex legends Mobile is now available to download on Google Play Store!

Apex Legends Mobile is now available to download on Google Play Store. Just A week ago Apex Legends announced Apex Legends Mobile and made it available for Pre-registrations.

Most of the people have Pre-Registered it and Some Couldn’t Pre-register due to an error Which says your device isn’t compatible.
Apex Legends Mobile is now getting available to all the People starting today who have successfully Pre-registered it.
Here’s a Big Question, how to download it and Know whether I’m eligible to download ? 
Open Google Play Store then Click on your Profile and Head on to Notifications Menu, If you have Pre-registered it you will get to see Apex Legends Mobile is Available! Tap on it to Download. If it’s not working use the Above Play Store Link to Find the App.

The Game Size is more than 1.32GB and After installing it You need to download some Additional Files of over 400MB.

If the Game is available for you to Download then Install it and Start Playing it.

Note: As It’s a Early Access of the Game, so you could see many Bugs kindly report the Bugs (if any) So that the Developers Could fix them.

I’ve successfully installed the Game, Will test it and I’ll write a First Look Article and Will publish it very Soon.

Till then Read our Other articles and  Follow us for all the Latest Updates, News, reviews, Techtips and Much More.


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