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Google’s Foldable Phone Patent reveals, how Pixel Fold will Look.

So far till date we have seen many Foldable Smartphones in the Market from Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. Samsung has Launched Multiple Foldable Smartphones like Galaxy Fold 1st gen, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2, Motorola Razr Series. Huawei Mate X and Mate XS.

Recently Xiaomi too launched their first Foldable Smartphone Mi Mix Fold and many other Popular brands like OPPO, TCL confirmed they are working on their foldable Smartphones. OPPO already showcased their rollable smartphone and there are rumours that Apple also working on their Foldable iPhone and it is said to launch in 2022.

Now Google is also in the race of Foldable smartphones, earlier this year well known tipster Jon Prosser who usually leaks about apple, has said ” the Google Pixel ‘Fold’ is real ” via his tweet on twitter, which means Google Pixel Fold is Coming and it is expected to make its debut most likely later part of this year along with their Pixel 6 Series.

the google pixel “fold” is a real thing

— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) February 25, 2021

Recently, A patent was spotted by Patently Apple reveals the Google’s Foldable smartphone design. This patent was filed by Google in December, Last year and it was recently Published by USPTO (United States Patent and Trade Mark Office).

Patent Design

If we look at the Patent Design its very similar to the Design of other Foldable Smartphones. FIG. 1A shows how the Smartphone will look like when its unfolded.

FIG. 1B reveals the design of the Foldable Phone when its Folded and it also shows the Smartphone will Fold towards Out just like the Huawei Mate X and Mate XS. When the Display is Folded we can see there’s a Space beside it and it will be for rear Camera’s Placement.

FIG. 2A shows the Hinge Placement and how the Hinge is designed and it comes with Dual Sliders, One at Top and other at the Bottom of Hinge.

Google notes in the Patents Specifications the Display may include Flexible OLED Display which can be Fold or Bent up-to 180°. The Sliders attached to the Hinge moves in linear directions and both the Sliders moves in the Opposite directions, These sliders are used to fix the Outlined issues which occurs, these lines will be seened when the display is Unfolded.

So far, the Patent looks promising and the interesting thing to watch out is how that sliders work Practically. Even more interesting thing is how good the Camera’s will be on the Pixel Fold as Google is known for its Cameras and also how well Google Optimizes the Android for it.

I’m Pretty much excited for the Foldable Pixel, are you guys too excited for it ? Comment below.

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