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Some STUNNING Apps you should definitely give a try !

Stunning AppsHey, Welcome Back Today we brought Some STUNNING APPS which you should give a Try. With more than 3 million + apps on Play Store, have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to find some useful apps! Well, we have got you covered. Here are 5 awesome android apps which you must try! Scroll down to see them.

1. Volume Notifications.

Volume Notifications

Here’s a fun story, I’ve dropped my phone twice and I’ve damaged the volume button on my phone. And I did have a solution, I used this app called Volume Notifications. This app creates a notification that can let you access the volume controls, without pressing the volume buttons. Not only that, you can access more controls like the notification volume, system volume, and much more.


Shortcut maker

Have you ever ended up in a situation where you can’t find your folder or contacts? Well, we’ve got a solution for you. Shortcut Maker makes shortcuts to some apps, folders, contacts, icons, and a lot more. There is nothing much to do here. You have to select the app, folder, or whichever you want, then you can customize them, and then you can add it as your home-screen shortcut.


Multi App uninstaller

Have you ever run out of storage? And then you’ve spent years clearing the storage by deleting your apps, one by one. Well, let’s welcome Multi-Apps Uninstaller which lets you delete more than 1 app at the same time with ease to delete!

4. Light leap by Lightricks.

Stunning Apps

I’ve always loved photography! I love clicking pictures and taking clean shots. And for editing most of my pictures I use Lightleap by Lightricks! This app lets you change the sky. Not only that, but it can also add some awesome filters. You gotta pay money for some filters, but they are worth it as those filters are just amazing. The AI in this app works like a gem, it detects the background and foreground clearly and edits it. The results will turn out way too awesome than you expect! 

Wanna Customize your Phone but feel difficult in doing it? especially when you’re searching for good icon packs. Enter the world of Icon Pack Studio. This app contains more than 100’s icon packs which are free to use and some of them are paid. Wait, here’s another awesome thing! You can customize these icons too. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? 
So these are the apps! Did you find any one of these useful? We hope you did so!
Thanks a lot for reading the Blog, have a nice day 😀


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