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Android 12 First Look; reveals the key Design and Element Changes.

Google I/O is just few days away, Google I/O is scheduled from 18-20 May and it is a Online Only Virtual Event. We all Will Seeing Google launching Android 12 in the Event.

But at last moment Jon Prosser has leaked the Android 12. Earlier Jon Prosser also shared some Images and Claims they are the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro anyhow we won’t expect the Google Pixel 6 Series launching before October this year, as Google hosts it’s Hardware event in the month of October.

Android 12 looks like a Very major upgrade and the Next Big thing for Android users. Since few years we haven’t seen any Major Design changes in the Android version but Android 12 Comes with very Big Design changes, Cool Widgets with Smoother Animations and Much more.

What’s new in Android 12 ?

Android 12 will bring you a all new Design with Major changes in UI Elements. Android 12 Comes with ‘A beautiful new experience’, since from Android 10 Android has given priority to Privacy and security, with Android 12 we gonna see even More Stronger Privacy and Security protections than Android 11. However there’s no information regarding how device’s work better together, to know about this we need to wait for Google I/O.

If you look at the above images we See a Major Bunch of Widgets from Android 12. There’s a brand new music widget in the notifications bar, with new redesigned Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles. There’s a brand new volume slider, redesigned notifications, a new clock widget with snooze / Dismiss alarm widget and a new weather Widget. Android 12 bring some of the Small changes which makes it feel more alluring Android UI.

Prosser also teased the Promo Video of Android 12, here’s the Video.

As per the above teaser, you will now see a bigger sized Clock on Lockscreen screen. The number of Notifications will now be displayed next to the Clock on Notification Panel. Now you will see notifications on the Top left Corner on Lockscreen menu. You also get to see a new Google keyboard, Google has designed all apps, Keyboard and the Complete UI to match with each other to create a match it up across the System. It looks like Google is making Android, a very big thing with Android 12, as it comes with major Design and UI changes. 

We don’t know about how exactly the Final Android 12 version lookout in future. We can’t judge it by looking the teaser. We don’t know what Google have planned with Google I/O  along with Android 12 and we will be Covering Google’s I/O event 2021.

Checkout Jon Prosser Video, I’ve added the Video below.

So far, What are your Opinion on Android 12 ?After looking at the above teaser Video and images.
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