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How to Download Videos from Twitter DM ? Here’s how You Can.

How to Download Videos from Twitter DM

We all know about Twitter, A Microblogging and Social Networking Service where we interact with the People with the Post Popularly Known as Tweets. Most of you might have an account on Twitter and use it for different reasons.

On Twitter, You can Share images, Videos via tweets and you can also able to send them personally to People through Direct Messages (DM). Twitter recently brought some New features like Twitter Spaces, 4k resolution image sharing, Voice messages in DM, and No Image Crop. But the Sad Part of it is you can’t be able to Download the Videos which you receive / Send through DM.

Here’s a Method using which you can download the videos from your Twitter DM Chat. You need a PC, Google Chrome, and VLC Media Player installed on Your PC.

Steps to be Followed to Download it:

  • Open Google Chrome and log in to your Twitter account.
  • Now open the chat from which you want to download the Video.
VLC Media
  • Click F12 on the Keyboard and then inspect menu will be opened on PC.
  • Now Click on Network in the Inspect then enter .m3u8 in Filter Section and click enter.
  • Now play the Video in the Chat which you Wanted to Download and then Click the F12 button / Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • Now in the Inspect Menu> Network section you will see some files under Name, Select the File which has Better quality.
  • You can know the resolution by seeing the Content-length in the Headers section when you select the File. Select the Highest length for better resolution.
  • Now select the file and right-click on it then Copy>Copy Link address.
  • After Copying the Link Open VLC Media Player.
  • In VLC Media Player Click on Media and then click on Convert / Save Option.
  • Next, click on Network and Paste the Link Copied from Inspect.
  • Now click on Convert / Save Option and Select the Video Profile then Click on Settings Button.
  • In Settings Menu select the Preferred Video Format like MKV, MP4 / MOV.


  • Now click on Video Codec > enable Keep Original Video Track and also click on Audio Codec > enable Keep Original Audio track.
  • Click on save and choose the destination where you want your video to get saved and name the file.
  • After selecting the location and clicking on the save option the Video will be saved on your PC.
  • That’s all Your Video is Downloaded from Your Twitter Direct Message Chat.

Use the above method to Download the Videos from Twitter DM. I Hope You guys like the Article and Hope it will be useful to you. 

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