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Poco M3 Pro 5G Global Launch revealed and know more more about Poco UI and Poco Global Plans.


Poco Global is all set to launch Poco M3 Pro Globally and they have revealed it’s launch Date and the Date is set on 19th May for Poco M3 Pro Global Launch.

Poco M3 Pro will be the Company’s first Affordable 5G Smartphone. In an interview with the Android Central, Poco Global Head Kevin Xiaobo Qiu and Angus Ng, POCO global’s head of product marketing. 

Xiaobo Qiu Said “We still share resources from Xiaomi, including R&D, manufacturing, and after-sales service. Xiaomi’s infrastructure and scale gives us a lot of benefits around manufacturing and distribution, but as a brand, we function independently,”  They confirmed they are still dependent on Xiaomi for manufacturing and R&D.

In the Interview they Also revealed some key Spec’s of Poco M3 Pro as it’s the First 5G in M series and it will be Significantly more powerful Compared to Poco M3 and will get the Higher refresh rate. The upcoming Poco M3 Pro will takes the Place of Poco X3 NFC, as they Confirmed Poco X3 NFC will be discontinued. They also Said Poco M3 Pro will have bigger Ram Capacity and Faster Storage Speeds Out-of-the-box Compared to Poco M3.

They also revealed the Antutu Scores of Poco M3 Pro in their testing the M3 Pro Scored 329,072 which is higher compared to 301,635 of the standard Poco M3.

Angus Ng said they are Launching Poco M3 Pro to make it more accessible for their fans to 5G.  He also said “We are going to add some special features to make MIUI for POCO into a more exclusive look for our customers. It will still be based on MIUI’s codebase, but we’re looking at exclusive features for the upgraded interface. We are still collecting a lot of feedback from our community and social media on what they would like to change.” 

He said bringing differentiated Software features is one of their goals in 2021, So they might come up with ‘Poco UI’  Which will be based on MIUI with some tweaks over it and will have different look and additional features over MIUI. This one relates to realme Which does have their Own UI realme UI which is based on ColorOS but with different looks and have all the features of ColorOS on top of it with extra Features and Clean Look. 

He also Confirmed there are no plans of launching Smartphones with Android One program but there plans are to improve their UI to give better experience.

Poco Global Plans are Clearly to focus on their Product and they are also bringing affordable 5G Smartphones Globally and plans of bringing better UI more of Own UI on top of MIUI.

We will get to Know more about it in the Launch event of Poco M3 Pro which is Launching Globally on 19th May.



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