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Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage is no more available but here’s a Solution!

Google has finally ended their Free Unlimited Storage on Google Photos which was available from a long time and Starting today (June 1, 2021) you might have seen the new changes in Google photos Backup, when you see the Backup settings all your Photos / Videos are Backing up on Your Free 15 GB Cloud Storage which is free for everyone.

We all know how Google Photos is very helpful to backup Unlimited media at high Quality and we might have thousand or even millions of Photos backed up on Google Photos, it was a Part of our daily life apps which we use on daily basis but Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage is no more but still you can Backup your videos and Files on Google’s Free 15 GB Cloud Storage and Google also Said 80% of the User’s Can Upload Up to 3 year’s of their Photo’s and Videos within Quota of 15 GB Free Storage.

But what if you exceeded that free 15 GB Quota ?. If you are that type of Person who Clicks a lot of Photos, Shoot videos and Backup all you Media on Google Photos then 15 GB isn’t sufficient for You and   there are Some tricks like Creating Multiple Google Accounts and Backing up Photos / Videos on free 15 GB Storage, but how long will you do that ? and there are some Alternative to Google Photos like Drop Box,  One Drive, Mega Drive, Degoo Cloud Drive, Amazon Drive and some other. I’ll give you the link of an Article below containing some Cloud Drive Alternative from freshfounder.com do Checkout.

Google Photos Alternatives

You might have gone through all these alternatives but nothing comes Close to Google Photos and in Market currently there’s a no alternative to Google Photos which is as Good as Google Photos. 

If you could afford for Google One Plans then simply go for it, it worth’s its Price and if you are someone who Couldn’t afford for Google One Plans but still need more storage or even unlimited Storage.

Here’s a Solution that you can try to get Free Unlimited Storage on Google Photos.

The solution is installing a Custom ROM on your Smart Phone. If you have Multiple Smartphones and any one of them is quite old and not using as your Primary device you can Install AOSP based Custom ROM on your device and by installing these AOSP based Custom ROMS you can get Google Photos Free unlimited Storage as these are based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). There are some Bunch of Custom ROM which supports Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage like Pixel Experience, Pixel Plus Experience, Lineage OS, AOSP extended, Pixel Plus UI, Evolution X, DotOS, BLISS ROM, Ancients OS, Stag OS, Descendant and many Other Custom ROMS available for most of the Smartphones.

I’ve tested and used most of the ROMS from the above list and all of them has Google Photos unlimited Storage Support and you can install these Customs ROMS to get free unlimited Storage and also these Custom ROMS Performs better than the Stock ROMS of your Smartphones. If you have no idea about Custom ROMS and how to install them on your Smartphone then checkout my Pixel Plus UI article or you can web search regaeding this.

To install Custom ROM you need to unlock bootloader on your Smartphone and install a Custom recovery on your Smartphone and Flash the ROM some times you also need to install GAPPS. For More information on this, Do checkout my Pixel Plus UI Article where I’ve explained how to install Pixel Plus UI you can follow the same to install any ROM. I’m currently on DotOS and it is based on Android 11 which also supports Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage.

Look at the above image where you can see the text “You’re backing up in high quality from your Pixel 5, which is free and unlimited”. So you can also get this by installing an AOSP based Custom ROM.


If you want to use Google Photos for Backing up your media with more storage you can use multiple Google Accounts trick to get free 15 GB or try out other Alternatives. When it comes to the Custom ROM solution, I would say installing a Custom ROM is the best solution if you have multiple devices or any old device with you and get the unlimited Free high Quality Storage and enjoy uploading Images daily.

If you don’t want to install custom ROM you can either try 15 GB trick, look for other alternative or Simply opt in for Google One Plan. Google One Plans definitely worth it and it has three Plans to Opt for.

  1. Firstly a Basic Plan which offers 100 GB Storage and Costs at Rs.130 / month and Rs.1300 yearly.
  2. Secondly a medium Plan which offers 200 GB Storage at Rs.210 / month and Rs.2100 yearly.
  3. And Finally the High-End Plan which offers 2 TB Storage at Rs.650 / month and Rs.6500 yearly.


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