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LG Files a new Patent for Rollable Smart Televisions.

LG is known for its Innovative Products in different categories like Home Appliances, Smart Televisions, Speakers, and in Wide range of Products. After LG announcing its Complete Smartphone Business Shut-down and Focus on Other Categories.

And We know LG is one of the best if not the best when it comes to Smart TVs. LG Leading the OLED and Rollable Smart TV segment. And now LG Patents for a new Rollable Smart TV. LG’s new Patent is about the Side rolling Smart TV we have seen LG Smart TVs rolling out vertical from the Bottom and now according to the New Patent we Might soon get a Side rolling Smart TVs from LG. 

Here’s the First look at the LG’s new Patent.

This Patent was awarded to LG on 4th June, by The Hague International Design System, part of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), for a ‘Television with rollable display’.

As per the patent, LG TV will come with Two Cases on either side of the OLED display which can be rolled in or out. The display rolls out from those thick Cases when they are pulled on either side and we get a Wide 16:9 Display. And the Screen is also available on both sides because of the Thick Cases used. 

When it comes to the rear side of the TV we see a T-shaped Metal Frame for the Support of the Display which is mounted to the Base Stand. We get to see a Box-shaped stand to it just like other reliable TVs but this one is a bit smaller and Compact.

We need to wait and see whether LG implements this Patent in their upcoming rollable TV or will showcase it as a Prototype. So far the Patent looks very Cool and interesting, need to check how does it work In real life. 

Hope you guys liked this and what are your thoughts on rollable Smart TVs? Do let us know in the comments below.



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