Microsoft Windows 11: Install Windows 11 now on Any Computer (Even with TPM and Secure boot issues).


Well, We all know Windows 11 Build has been leaked and was Surfacing Online for the past few days before its official launch on 24th June 2021. Many have installed the leaked Windows 11 build and got their first hands-on Upcoming Windows 11.
There are also some sets of people who couldn’t install Windows 11 due to the error The PC Can’t Run Windows 11” and the reason behind the error is no TPM (Trusted Platform Module) V2.0 on your pc and Secure Boot disabled. And Microsoft has made it mandatory to enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot to install Windows 11.
Today, I’ve bought a Solution for all those people who wanted to install and get their hands on the latest Windows 11 but couldn’t get it due to these issues. Before getting into the Solutions let’s see what’s new in windows 11.
What’s New in Windows 11:
The all-new ‘Windows 11’ build brings Visual Changes and Curved Corner design across the entire UI and the Windows Start Menu is now moved to Center which you can be changed back to left from taskbar settings.
We get a new Windows Setup, new windows Boot logo, and Startup Sound with Redesigned Start Menu, New Icons. We get to see all new Cool Wallpapers along with new Themes. In Windows 11, the windows logo is now completely flat with full blue color and even the start menu gets the same logo.
Windows 11 brings the New App Snapping which lets you manage Multiple Windows and Multitask. With Windows 11 the App animations, App resizing is smoother than ever.
Windows 11 App Snapping feature.

So Far in my usage Scenario, Windows 11 is very Smooth and Handles the Tasks very well. Looks like we gonna see many more changes in the Final Version of Windows 11.

Even after a Complete Build leak, the Windows team is still confident about the upcoming Windows Event as Windows has made the following tweet after the leaked Windows and I guess the final version of Windows 11 will be very different from this leaked build.

This is just the start. Tune in on June 24th at 11 am ET to see what’s next. #MicrosoftEvent

— Windows (@Windows) June 15, 2021

Now let’s get into the main topic on how to install Windows 11 on any pc with and without TPM and secure boot issues. Even I’m the Victim of Windows 11 TPM 2.0 and secure boot issues but no worries, I’ve got a Solution.

I’ve modified and created a Separate Zip File using the leaked Windows 11 build and windows 10. And with this new build, you need not mess up With Bios and Enabling Secure Boot and TPM. when you try to use these files for flashing Windows 11, the Installation menu will not check TPM 2.0 and Secure boot requirements. Using these Files You can Install Windows 11 easily on Your PC using a Bootable USB Drive and it works fine for everyone. To install Windows 11 you need a minimum of 4GB of RAM on your PC and download the Windows 11 Zip file from the link below.

Windows 11 Zip File.

Here’s how you can install Windows 11 on your PC:

  • First, Download the Windows 11 Zip file from the above link and extract all the files on your PC.
  • Now Format your USB bootable pen drive to NTFS Format. Now Copy and paste all the extract files into Bootable Pendrive.
  • Note: If your Bios is UEFI then Convert your USB to UEFI format.
  • Now after Copying the files to the Bootable Pendrive, restart your computer while the USB is plugged in.
  • Now press the Boot key on your keyboard while your windows boot and now after entering into the boot menu, using your bios controls select the USB Pendrive as Bootable Device. Save setting and Exit bios.
  • After exciting bios now you will boot into the Windows installation menu. Now you get into the windows 11 installation menu and follow the steps to install Windows 11, Install Now > I don’t have a product key > Select Windows 11 edition(based on your preference).
  • Now, in the next menu select the Partition where you want to install your windows 11 and click next, now your windows installation will begin.
  • After installation, your computer will restart and now you will see the all-new Windows 11 Setup screen. Go through the Complete setup process and set up your device.
  • After completing the setup, that’s it you are now ready to explore the all-new Windows 11 on your PC.

Thanks, for reading the article. Now you guys can install windows 11 on your PC using the following method. Share this article, with the ones who are facing the same issue in installing windows 11. Still, if you face any issues please let me know in the comments below.


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