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Windows 11 Insider Preview is here: Install now on any PC (even on no TPM support PCs).

Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 Insider Preview yesterday to Windows Insider Program and everyone who has opted in for Windows Insider Program has started receiving them. Windows 11 Insider Preview comes with all-new Windows 11 with the all-new Settings menu, New Microsoft Store, new Control center, and much more.

Windows 11 Insider Preview:

let us start with the Settings menu we get a complete change over in the Settings menu on Windows 11. And we can see all the Options arranged vertically and now you need not get inside of each section. As you get them to see on the right side of the settings menu of each section. 
We get an all-new Control Centre and Notification center with blue colored volume Slider which you can customize by adding some more tiles to it
You get a new Lockscreen with the Clock now situated at Top Centre Position. The Fonts look way better compared to Windows 10.

Microsoft Store:

We also get a new Microsoft Store in this Insider Preview along with a new Start menu, new right-click menu, and refresh button is now moved to more options which can be accessed with Shift+F10 key
In this Insider Preview, we get most of the features of Windows 11 but still, there are no Android apps on Store and third-party android app installation support which we might see in the future builds of Windows 11. As it is an Insider Preview build some features won’t be working.

Here’s how to install Windows 11 Insider Preview:

To install Windows 11 insider Preview your PC should meet Windows 11 requirements, Minimum requirements for Windows 11 is 1ghz or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible with 64bit processor, at least 4G RAM and 64GB of storage, UEFI BIOS with Secure Boot, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) should be 2.0 or higher, and Directx 12 Compatible graphics. 
  • To get Windows 11 Insider Preview Update you need to apply for Windows insider Program. 
  • Go to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program > select Developer Channel.
  • After Some time you will receive Windows 11 Insider Preview Update.
  • Now Windows 11 will start getting installed on your PC and it might take a long time to install the update.
But there’s a Catch, Windows 11 Insider Preview will not get installed on All PCs. While installing Windows 11 Update, Microsoft runs Windows 11 installer which will check System requirements on Windows 11. If your PC doesn’t have TPM 2.0 support it won’t be installed on your PC.
Don’t worry I’ve brought a Solution, download the Zip file from the link. This Installation method won’t Check PC requirements and you will now be able to install Windows 11 on your PC.
If you are facing any Issues downloading the Zip file then simply Click on the link and sign in with your account and try downloading now. You will be able to download the file now and follow the below Procedure for installation.


  • Download the Zip File and extract the files on your PC.
  • Now run Set-up File and following the Installation procedure.
  • Select whether you want to make a Clean installation or Upgrade over the existing.
  • After completing the installation process Windows will be getting installed on your PC.
  • The installation might take an hour or longer and After the Windows being installed.
  • Now set up your PC and start enjoying the Insider Preview of Windows 11.
With this method, you will now be able to install Windows 11 Insider Preview on your PC. Go and Install Windows 11 Insider Preview now and explore all-new Windows 11

My Thoughts:

So far in my usage, I felt it super Smooth but there were Some Lags when you try to open Multiple Windows and Apps in the Background, and as it’s an Insider Build these are common and If your PC having very low Spec’s you might feel bit lags in the UI. Windows 11 is very smooth and all new things look Super Cool and I’m waiting for Android Apps Support which will be available in future Builds.
I would recommend you to install Windows 11 Insider Build as I haven’t noticed any bugs in my usage. 


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