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Windows 11 Insider Preview is out to Windows Insider program

Windows 11
Microsoft Officially announced Windows 11 last week on 24th June and the all-new Windows 11 brings some Significant Changes over last-gen Windows 10. We get to see Completely different Windows from Microsoft and Windows 11 bring new UI, Centred Taskbar and Native Android apps support, and much more.
Ever since the announcement people were eagerly waiting for Windows 11 to get on their PCs to get hands-on experience on the all-new Windows 11.
But Microsoft didn’t reveal the official rollout date for Windows 11 and Microsoft said, Developer Preview will be available starting this week, and it’s out now.
Windows 11 official insider preview is out. This one is the first and official Windows 11 developer preview from Microsoft as we have come across the leaked Build of Windows 11. Starting today Windows 11 Developer Preview will be rolled out to the Windows Insider Program.  To get hands-on with the latest Windows 11 you need to opt-in for the windows insider program.

Here’s the Update of the Windows 11 insider preview and the updated version is 10.0.22000.51 and there’s also a catch in the update.
If you are a Windows insider Program member or have applied for it and waiting to install windows 11 on your PC you might not be able to Install Windows 11 if your PC won’t meet Windows 11 requirements. As Microsoft is running windows 11 installer while downloading the update to check whether your PC is compatible or not.

If your PC is not having a secure boot or TPM 2.0 in your PC, you can’t install Windows 11 insider Preview. As Microsoft already announced secure boot enabled and TPM 2.0 are required to support installed Windows 11 and we have also seen Microsoft revealing their Supported list of devices for Windows 11.
Sadly, if you don’t have TPM 2.0 and secure boot enabled on your PC. You can’t install the latest windows 11 insider preview. Until we get any method to install in an hour PC.
I hope You have applied for the insider program windows 11, and if it supports your PC then go and install windows 11 on your PC. Note it’s a developer preview you will find the latest features of Windows 11 but there will also be many bugs in it. If we find any solution or method to install it, we will come up with it.
Do let us know, is Windows 11 developer preview is available on your PC, and did it got installed?


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