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Dizo GoPods D review: The Best Entry Level TWS?

Dizo is the First and a new Brand from realme’s tech lifestyle brand. Dizo made its debut with the Launch of Dizo GoPods D and Dizo Wireless. Today let’s review the Dizo GoPods D which I’ve been using for the past few days and here’s my review of the Dizo GoPods D.

Dizo GoPods D Review:

Dizo GoPods DDizo GoPods D

In-Box Contents:

Dizo GoPods D

In-box you will get a pair of Dizo earbuds along with the Charging Case. A USB-A to Micro USB Cable, extra ear tips, and a User manual. By default, you get the Medium Sizes ear tips with the earphones. And you will get to see other Small and Large-sized ear tips.

Design and Build:

The earbuds are designed to fit in-ears with a Silicone ear tips design without any stem and these earbuds are made with Polycarbonate. And come with a metallic Texture finish at the touch gestures area and it looks premium. These are available in two colors options, White and Black.

The case comes with a Pebble-shaped design and it is made up of polycarbonate. The in-hand feel is really good won’t feel cheap. The material texture is so smooth that they can fall from the hand if you are not holding them firmly.

Dizo GoPods D

The magnets used in the case are so strong that the Buds Won’t fall. The earbuds are very lightweight and the Case is so small that it easily fits in your pockets and palms. So you can carry them anywhere easily and will fit well in your pant pockets. The earbuds are also IP-X4 certified so using them while workout sessions isn’t a problem.

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Comfort and Fit:

The earbuds feel very comfortable in the ears and are very light that you won’t notice them. I’ve used the earbuds continuously for more than 3 hours and after using them for a longer period, I felt slight discomfort wearing them.

When it comes to its fit, they fit perfectly fine in the ears. I’ve used them with the default medium-sized ear tips and they never fall out from my ears. I’ve tested their fit by shaking my head, walked wearing them even they didn’t fall. Even tried checking them by jumping even then they didn’t fall out from the ears. I recommend you to use them with the default ear tips for a perfect fit.


To pair the earbuds with your device you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and then open the case of the earbuds and then Tap on both the earbuds for about 3 seconds. Now check the Bluetooth devices on your smartphone you will see the Dizo GoPods in the list now pair them.

Once after pairing for the first time, every time if you want to connect them with your smartphone you need not follow the above procedure. You just need to turn Bluetooth on your smartphone and remove the earbuds from the case and just wait for 2-3 seconds until it gets connected automatically.

Dizo Go Pods comes with Bluetooth V5.0 and its rated Connectivity range is up to 10m. I’ve tested using them from a distance away from my device and whenever I move too far My earphones get disconnected. Sometimes even if they are connected I’ve faced issues playing music. The connectivity range is pretty good and I would say you will not be having any issues with the Connectivity.


Latency is one of the biggest downsides of any wireless audio Product, especially when it comes to a TWS or a Neckband. I couldn’t find any latency while watching Videos or any Lip sync issue.

But when it comes to gaming the story best changed while Gaming you will see a delay of about 1-2 seconds which is not at all acceptable when you are Gaming but thanks to Game mode support with the realme Link app your latency will become as low as 110ms. To enable Game mode you need to connect your earbuds with the realme Link app on your smartphone and enable it from the App or touch and hold both the earbuds for 3 seconds to turn on / off Game mode directly through the earbuds.

Using Game Mode I’ve tested playing BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA). I can notice the Significant drop in latency and using game mode the latency drops significantly. But still, there’s a bit of delay in the audio latency. The game mode does the job if you want to play games using these earbuds but still, it will create a problem when you are in an intense situation in the Game.

Touch Gestures:

Dizo GoPods D comes with touch gestures on both earbuds and you can manage to change them using the Realme link app.

  • By default, double-tap on either of the earbuds plays/pause music and Can be used to answer/disconnect the Call.
  • Triple tap will play the next track.
  • Touch and Hold on either side of the earbud will open the voice assistant.
  • Touch and Hold on both the earbuds for 3 seconds will enable/disable the Game mode.

There are no Volume Controls options and Single tap options whatsoever. You can customize these touch Gestures options using the realme link App.

There might be a question in your mind about how consistent these touch gestures will work. I would say it worked every time whenever I’ve used it and the thing is you need to Tap properly at the Touch area to work them properly. Whenever you try touch gestures make sure you tap at the correct spot. Instead of tapping you can use them swiping around the gesture area to make them work.

Mic Quality:

Dizo GoPods D comes with Dual Microphones and ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) which reduces Background noise around you during Calls. The microphone quality is pretty decent. There’s no problem using them for calls in indoor conditions, but in outdoor Conditions when you start using them for calls, the person on call will hear the Background noise and yours.

Here’s a Small recording clip, recorded using the Mics of Dizo Go Pods D.

Sound Quality:

The main part of any audio device is how does it sound and here’s what I feel.

I’ve been using these earbuds for the past few days and I’ve used Amazon Music and Spotify for listening to music. These earbuds packs 10mm Drivers and I would say they sound really good and the Instrument separation, Vocals are Great and the Bass is also really good and it’s not muddy bass which you usually find in the Budget TWS.

You can change how your earbuds sound using the realme Link app. The app comes with three sound effect modes.

  • Bass Boost+ mode increases the Bass and reduces the Mids and Highs.
  • Dynamic Mode balances the Audio and gives you great audio along with Good Bass levels.
  • And the Bright mode is tuned in a way that it is focused on Mids and Highs a lot and the bass levels are a bit low compared to other modes.

I’ve tried using them in all three modes and I like the Dynamic Mode and will prefer you to use it. You can even try the bright mode based on your sound Preference. I’ve not liked the Bass Boost+ mode at all and wouldn’t prefer to use it as it just spoils the Audio experience.

There’s not any kind of distortion when you use them by keeping the volume level till 80-90% thereafter you will feel some distortion.

The thing which I didn’t like is it comes with the standard SBC Bluetooth audio codec. They should have given an AAC codec and I could notice the difference in audio Codec in terms of sound clarity. They aren’t bad considering the price but still, they should have included AAC audio Codec.

Battery Life:

When it comes to the Battery Life of the Earbuds Dizo claims it will last up to 5hrs on a single charge and a total of 20hrs playback including the case.

In my daily usage, they lasted me around 3.54hrs depending on the volume levels. I’ve used them in the variable volume levels between 60-90%. A fully charged case will easily charge the earbuds three times.

The case charges the buds around 1hr 50 minutes and the case gets charged completely within two hours and it also supports fast charging with 10 minutes of charge will give around 120 minutes if the playback.

The downside of it is it comes with a Micro USB port instead of a Type-C port. As Type-C became standardized, Dizo should have gone with Type-C instead of Micro USB.


I would conclude Dizo GoPods as one of the Best ‘Entry-level TWS’ offerings considering its asking price of Rs. 1,599. Dizo GoPods D was launched in India at Rs. 1,599 and it was made available at Rs. 1,399 in the first sale.

If you are looking for a Budget TWS offering with Good Audio Quality, Great design, Decent mics Quality, and good Comfort. You should be looking at Dizo GoPods D it has some impressive audio quality, a Great battery life, and a premium design. Even Its Touch Gesture works fine without any issues.

You can get them for Rs. 1,399 on Flipkart during Big Saving Days from 25-29th July. And if you are a student and having a Flipkart Student membership you can get them as low as Rs. 1,199, this Price makes it an even more Value For Money product.

Thanks for spending your time and reading the article.




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