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OPPO’s Upcoming Power bank will Support 65W Fast Charging.

We have seen fast Charging adapters supporting from 18W, 30W, and to insanely fast 120W fast Charging. Brands have been competing with each other with their Charging speeds and now it’s time for the Same competition in Power banks.

In the time we have also seen the Powerbanks Supporting Fast Charging from 18W to 30W and the recently launched Power bank from Xiaomi which supports 50W fast charging. Now we will also get to see 65W super Fast charging speeds using a Power bank which is just amazing.

According to the Tipster Gadgetsdata, Oppo to soon launch a Powerbank with 65W Fast charging support.

Here’s how the power bank will look like.

The oppo’s power Bank Supports 65W Fast charging output and it will have a 1xtype-C, 1xUSB-A port, and a Power button. We can expect it to get launched very soon and it will compete against the likes of My Power Bank which supports 50W Fast charging.

Do you guys use a Power Bank? If yes, how fast your power bank can charge your device.



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