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Realme Band 2 ‘The Successor of Realme Band’ is in the works and here are leaked Specifications of it.

Realme entered into Smart Wearables Category with the launch of realme Band which is was the Company’s first Fitness band in their Smart wearables from then realme have Launched many Smart wearable products like Smartwatches.

Realme band which was the Company’s first and the Only Fitness Band which was launched back in March 2020 and it was launched at an affordable price of Rs.1,499 and it offers a 0.96-inch OLED Display with a Touch button and it came with heat rt rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counter, and 9 Sports modes, call detection, Notifications, and other basic fitness functions. It came with Bluetooth V4.2 and IP-68 Dust and Water Resistance.

But the device has some serious issues with the Display, as the brightness of the Display was too low and it is pretty difficult to see under bright sunlight. The key highlight of the realme band was its direct Charging feature as it came with a USB Direct Charge, so no extra cables were required to charge Your band.

Now it’s been a very long time since the realme Band was launched. Till now there’s no successor to it but now according to an exclusive leak from the digit. in on Collaboration with @Onleaks.

They have also shared the renders of realme Band 2 which gives an idea about how realme Band 2 will look like.

Realme Band 2

According to the Digit. in and Onleaks, these will be the Specifications of Realme Band 2.

Realme Band 2 Specifications:

Realme Band 2 might feature a 1.4-inch display and this time it will be a full touch display instead of a touch button we saw on realme Band. We will get a flat Display with curved sides unlike the Curved display found on realme Band.

It looks like realme will retain the Belt design of the realme band and the new design implementation adds a premium look to it. This new design might lead to a downside as the implementation of a new strap design will cost the removal of USB Direct Charge as we can’t see any signs of that and we can see the Pogo pins at the rear of the band for the magnetic charging support.

It packs optical sensors for heart rate monitoring support, activity tracking and can expect many Sports modes and new features over the realme band. There’s no information on whether it will come with Spo2 Blood Oxygen monitoring or not but there are high chances of it sporting Spo2.

The band will come with Bluetooth V5.1 and it’s a big upgrade over V4.2 on realme Band. This will improve the Connectivity and its range.

The launch of realme Band 2 looks not too far as the device also gets the blue tooth SIG certification and can expect it to get launched next month.

What are your thoughts on the Design and specs of realme Band 2, tell us in the comments below.



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