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Realme MagDart Charging is not just limited to Smartphones!

Realme is gearing up to announce and Showcase their MagDart Wireless Charging on 3rd August 2021.

Realme’s MagDart is Android’s first Magnetic Wireless charging Solution. But now it is said this MagDart charging solution from realme is not just limited to smartphones only.

According to Tipster Mukul Sharma, realme realme MagDart is not only for Smartphones indeed it will be implemented in many of the other Products of Realme’s Portfolio.

Credit: @stufflisting

If you look at the above image we can see the MagDart Charging solution is designed for many other products apart from smartphones. We can see the Flat designed MagDart and it is attached to Laptops, Tablets, Smartwatches, and TWS earphones. It might be working as a charging station for all of the devices to charge the device wirelessly.

Looks like realme will be making MagDart a Standard for all Category Devices from them. We can expect the Upcoming realme Laptop, Tablets / Pad to come with MagDart Charging support or maybe in the future. Need to see when realme will be making this as a Standard Wireless charging solution for all of their devices.

It’s a Pretty Good implementation from realme and we are excited to test it when it’s commercially available. Are you guys excited about this?



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