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Best Gcam for Realme 2 Pro and other realme devices.

Gcam (Google Camera) is the Best Camera Application you could get right now to click some amazing Shots using your Smartphone.

But there are a very large number of Gcam apps Available out there with different versions and it’s very difficult to select which is perfect for your smartphone. Here’s a Gcam for Realme 2 Pro devices, this Google camera version is so far the best compared to other Google camera Versions. If you have tried the Gcam mod for realme 2 Pro you might have noticed the image taken using the Gcam has white dots when you zoom in. Here you won’t find any weird white dots while zooming in on the image. It’s Gcam V8.1 and here’s the Interface.

App interface
App interface
More options
Gcam settings menu
Settings menu

Settings menu this Gcam, you get to most of the features working well. Like Portrait Mode, Video recording, Slow motion, Night Sight, and Portrait, Night Sight for selfies all these are working well and the Timelapse gets crashed most of the time.

When it comes to video recording you can record only up to 1080P @60FPS, 4k isn’t working. You also get to see four stabilization modes- Standard, Locked, Active, and Cinematic Pan. These stabilization modes work well.

Settings menu
Stabilization Modes

Here are some samples shot using Gcam:

Rear Camera Sample
Shot on realme 2 Pro

realme 2 pro Gcam

realme 2 pro Gcam rear camera sample

realme 2 pro Gcam

The images look good and they are way better when compared to the Stock Camera and the output just Surprises. The drawback of this Gcam Mod is the Night sight is not that Great and images look Bad in Night Mode.

Download Gcam for your realme 2 Pro and start taking some amazing shots.

Gcam for Realme 2 Pro

Check out GCam for other Realme devices

Gcam Link

Thanks for checking this out and download it right now for your realme 2 Pro and other realme devices.

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