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Book COVID-19 Vaccine using WhatsApp.

Book COVID-19 Vaccine Can Just by using WhatsApp on your Phone. 

Do you Feel booking a Slot for the COVID-19 Vaccine is a big mess and hard to do?

No Problem Here’s an easy and simple method introduced by the Govt of India. You can book your COVID-19 Vaccination Slot, just by sending a message.

The Government Of India has announced ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk‘ earlier today. It is a bot that is capable of Booking a Slot for the COVID-19 Vaccine. To book a Vaccination Slot you just need to follow these steps and Get a Vaccine for yourself / others. 

To book the Vaccine Slot you need to send a Message Book Slot and follow these further steps, to successfully book a COVID-19 Vaccine

Steps to Book Covid-19 Vaccine using WhatsApp:

COVID-19 Vaccine Booking Steps.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booking Steps.

  1. First Send a Message ‘Book Slot’ to +91 9013151515 using WhatsApp or Join the COVID-19 Helpdesk chat using the Link (MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chat). After entering the number you will get an OTP.
  2. Now enter the 6 digit OTP you have received on Your number. After OTP verification. The accounts linked with that number will be displayed. 
  3. Now select the account for which you want to Book a Slot. after selecting an account it will show the details of the user. 
  4. Now click on Search by Pincode. Then after that, it will ask whether you want a Paid / Free Vaccine or any. (Select according to your needs).
  5. Now after selecting vaccine type, you need to enter the 6 digit Pin Code. 
  6. After entering the Pincode, Vaccination centers available near the Pin Code will show up,
  7. At last after selecting the Vaccination center, now select your preferred Date, Time, of your Slot. Now the booking will be Confirmed.

Go and book your covid-19 Vaccine right now. Hope you guys find it helpful. If you find it helpful, Please do share this Article with your others. So that they could also book a Slot for COVID-19.

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