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Did Redmi Stop working on their IN-Display Fingerprint Scanner for LCD Screen?

Can we use an IN-Display fingerprint scanner on LCD screens?. Well, It looked achievable when redmi showed its prototype of an IN Display fingerprint working on an LCD Screen. Last year Redmi Showcased a smartphone’s prototype with an IN-Display fingerprint scanner on the LCD screen.

It’s now over a Year since redmi showcased it and was redmi successful with it or Is it a failure before getting into that. Let us know more about how IN-Display Fingerprint works. What is its downside?

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner is now the Primary Security option for all the Flagship Smartphones. And even Midrange Smartphones having AMOLED Screens. In the past few years Under Screen, Fingerprint Scanners have improved by a Big Margin. They are now fast, accurate, and reliable with a larger sensor area.

Vivo Introduced the first IN-Display Fingerprint Scanner back in 2018 with its Vivo X20 Plus UD. Later We have seen many Smartphone OEM’s bringing to their Smartphones.

But the IN-Display Fingerprint Scanner still works only on OLED and AMOLED Screens. And here’s how the IN-Display fingerprint scanner works. There are two methods of IN-Display Fingerprint Scanners implementation.

ultrasonic fingerprint

How IN-Display fingerprint works?

IN-Display Fingerprint Scanners are of two methods. One is Optical and the other is Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Optical Fingerprint scanners use a sensor or camera placed under the Screen.

The Optical sensor illuminates bright infrared light around the scanner to capture the image of your finger with a Camera placed under the screen and stores the image of it.


The Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners use ultrasonic sound waves instead of light to capture a 3D image. The Ultra Sonic Scanners, way more accurate and secure compared to Optical One.

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Why IN-Display fingerprint Scanners work only with OLED and AMOLED Screens?

In-Display Fingerprint scanners illuminate light to capture the image of your finger which is possible only on OLED and AMOLED Screens. On OLED and AMOLED it is easy for the Fingerprint sensor to capture the image of your finger as OLEDs and AMOLED don’t need a backlight that allows the light from the sensor to pass through the screen.

While the LCD screens require an additional backlight placed under the screen because the LCD panels aren’t bright enough. This extra layer stopping the Optical sensor to capture the image of your fingerprint.

IN-Display Fingerprint Scanner Works on LCD Screens?

IN-Display Fingerprint scanners can be worked on LCD screens?. Last year Redmi Showcased their IN-Display Fingerprint scanner working on the LCD screen.

Redmi R&D team could able to achieve the IN-Display Fingerprint scanner working on the LCD Screen. The Demo was showcased on a Prototype of the Redmi Note 8 Pro. If you look at the above video you can see the fingerprint scanner working fine on the LCD screen.

Redmi said, “The innovative use of infrared high-transmitting film material greatly improves the passability of infrared light that cannot penetrate the screen.” This could get them to achieve it.

Here’s how it works “The infrared transmitter below the screen emits infrared light, and the fingerprint is reflected and penetrates the screen to the fingerprint sensor to complete the fingerprint verification.”

This Solution from Redmi is a big breakthrough and will leave a great impact on the Fingerprint scanner implementation for LCD Screens. This solution was expected to be matched with OLED In-Display Scanners and can see improvements in the next generations of it.

This breakthrough will help in bringing IN-Display Fingerprint in Budget devices with LCD Screen. Redmi’s IN-Display Fingerprint scanner for LCD screens was expected to implement commercially late last year. But was it a failure from Redmi for implementing an IN-Display scanner on LCD Screens?

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Did Redmi Stop working on it?

Now it’s been over a year since Redmi Showcased it and there’s no word from Redmi when the mass production starts will Commercially use it on a Smartphone.

Looks like Redmi stopped working on the IN-Display fingerprint scanner on the LCD Screen. As there’s no word from Redmi over it and Nowadays we are seeing smartphone OEM’s bringing AMOLED Screens even in Mid-range smartphones.

The brands still using traditional fingerprint scanners even on some budget devices with AMOLED Screens. Maybe cause of the speeds that physical fingerprint scanner offers.

But Still Under display fingerprint for LCD screens should be made available. At least they should launch a concept phone to know how it works. It Looks like the IN-Display scanner on LCD Screens will take longer than expected.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Do you guys feel redmi should bring it?




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