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Do not use Startup Settings in Windows 11!

Microsoft announced Windows 11 back in June. Till now we have received many Insider  Preview builds. From the first Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000.51 to the latest Insider Preview Build 22000.168.

Windows 11 was also made available in the beta Channel. Every Windows 11 Insider Preview update has introduced new things and features. At the same time, the update also contains fixes for the earlier bugs. 

I’m using Windows 11 on my PC ever since the first Insider Preview and so far it is working fine. I also made an article on How to Install Windows 11 on Non-TPM-supported devices. (Do Check out Windows 11 Insider Preview is here: Install now on any PC).

But the biggest issue I’m facing on Windows 11 is regarding ‘Startup settings’. I’ve been trying to use the Startup settings on Windows 11, to make some tweaks on my PC. But whenever I try doing that I face some issues. I’ve tried it from the first Insider Preview build to the latest 22000.168 Insider Preview build. Even in the latest Build, I’m facing issues getting into Windows startup settings. 

Now after doing that several times. Now I’ll say do not try using Startup settings on Windows 11. It will cause some big problems with your PC. Here’s what happens if you try to get into Windows Startup settings on your PC. 


If you look at the above video when I selected advanced startup and after entering in the advanced startup menu. When I selected the startup setting you can see what has happened next. 

You can see my PC got restarted after selecting startup settings and after the restart, a black screen with blinking underscore showed up. Somehow I came back to my windows by doing some troubleshooting and other methods. 

So if you also wanted to make some tweaks on your PC like disabling driver signature and other settings. And your PC running on Windows 11, I’ll suggest not to use startup settings on your PC it will cause severe Problems like causing damage to your boot record. And might lead to Clean Installation of windows on your PC.

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