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OnePlus Nord 2 got blasted reported by a Twitter user.

OnePlus launched OnePlus Nord 2 a week ago and since its launch, it’s been the Talk of the town for the Smartphone under 30k.

Now the device reported to got blasted and the device is completely damaged. A Twitter user named Ankur Sharma shared the news in a tweet along with the images of the blasted OnePlus Nord 2.

The user shared that the device was blasted today around 6 AM and the device was bought 5 days ago. He further said her wife too met with an accident and she is in trauma after the incident. Hope she gets recovered soon.

In a reply to the incident, the OnePlus support team said the following.

OnePlus support team in that reply apologized for the incident that happened and asked the user to connect them through DM. There’s no official statement from the OnePlus about why the issue has occurred.

Hope the user gets a replacement unit from OnePlus and the official statement from OnwPlus why the issue has occurred.



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