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Realme MagDart Charging technology announced!

Realme finally showcased their MagDart Products and announced a total of 7 products including MagDart Charging, realme Flash, and Other MagDart accessories.

Realme’s announced their MagDart Charging solution and it’s the First Magnetic Wireless Charging for Android devices.

Realme Flash:

Realme Flash is a Concept smart Phone from realme to feature 50W MagDart Wireless Charging. The device is powered by Snapdragon 888 5G Processor, a triple rear camera setup, and a 4500mah Dual cell battery.

MagDart Charger:

Realme MagDart charge comes in two models and fast 15W MagDart Charger and a Super Fast 50W MagDart Charger.

Realme MagDart charging

The 15W MagDart Charger can Charge a 4500mah battery within just 90 minutes. Realme Says they have used a dedicated mainboard inside the plug and the unique coil setup which allows them to achieve these speeds.

The Superfast 50W MagDart Charger will charge a complete 4500mah battery in just 54 minutes. These are some insanely fast charging speeds from a Wireless Charger.

The 50W MagDart wireless charger features an extra-large Coil and a Cooling Fan to reduce the heat of the MagDart and the phone while charging the device at high speeds.

MagDart Power Bank:

Realme MagDart Power bank

Wireless charging base

Along with MagDart Charging realme also announced their MagDart Power Bank which can also be used as a Vertical Wireless charging station using a charging base.

Apart from the MagDart Chargers and MagDart Power Bank, realme also showcased their MagDart Accessories. Realme announced MagDart Wallet, MagDart Beauty light, MagDart super Case.

MagDart Case

MagDart Case for Realme GT

MagDart Wallet

Realme Further shared their MagDart Fusion plan. And it’s to bring the MagDart charging to AIOT and all accessories.

Reealme’s MagDart Charging solution looks like the start of a new era for Wireless Charging for Android and also a step towards making Wireless charging easy and accessible for every set of devices.

We need to wait and see when it will be available in the real world to consumers.

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