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Twitter Gets a revamped Design.

Did you guys notice the New Design Change on Twitter?

Yes, Twitter officially rolled out the new Design on Twitter Web and Mobile. The Design is completely revamped.

If you haven’t yet then read this complete article and then check the new Twitter design.

Twitter now gets a new font, Contrasty Colors with a New Color scheme, Deeper Blacks, and more.

This new design was rolled out yesterday night by Twitter to Twitter For Mobile and Web.

Here are the Complete Changes we get to see:

Twitter now uses a new Font called ‘Chirp‘. And this is how the new font looks.

New Twitter Font

Twitter is now approaching the Contrasty Colors and less blue than earlier to bring attention to the Photos and Videos. Along with this Twitter will soon roll out new Colors.

Even the Buttons on Twitter are now highly Contrast. The Follow button is now in Black in Normal mode and White in Dark Mode.

Follow Button
Follow Button on Dark and Light Mode.
Twitter Buttons
New Twitter Buttons Color.

These changes bring the Complete Visual Changes and Twitter looks Completely different now.

Twitter now has fewer gray backgrounds and unnecessary divider lines. The Space between the Text has been increased to make it easy it easier to read tweets.

Twitter said, “This is only the start of more visual updates as Twitter becomes more centered on you and what you have to say!” So we can expect more visual Changes on Twitter in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on this Latest Visual Update from Twitter and the new design of Twitter?



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