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WhatsApp Beta: WhatsApp Working on new Green Colored Accent.

We have recently seen WhatsApp testing the 90 Days option for Disappearing Messages.

Now in the Latest WhatsApp Beta, we have seen that WhatsApp is working on a new Green Colored Accent Instead of the Old Dark Green.

This was seen in the latest WhatsApp beta update Version

Here’s how the New Green Color Accent Looks.

WhatsApp new Green Colored Accent.
Old Green Colored Accent.

The New Accent Color is Light Greenish Color as Compared to the Old One. The Old accent color is Dark Compared to the New one.

Look at the Above images to see the difference between the New one and the Old.

The New Green Color Accent is currently applied only in the Status Section and it’s visible in the Status section for WhatsApp unseen Status.

WhatsApp might use this Color for the entire app Wide. In the Coming updates, we may see it getting applied to other sections.

What do you guys feel about the new Color accent? Do let us know in the comments below.



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