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WhatsApp ‘View Once’ Feature started rolling out.

WhatsApp started rolling out new Features called ‘View Once‘ to all the users on WhatsApp starting today.

View Once is a new Feature from WhatsApp, allowing the user to set a limit to view the Photo/video by letting the recipient see it only once

When you enable View Once to any Photo / Video, it will open only once, and then after they disappear, a message will appear as ‘opened‘.

To send one-time view Photos / Video while sending any photo you need to click on the ‘1‘ icon beside the send button before sending media. When the user won’t Open View Once media Within 14 days after sending it, the media will expire.

This new feature is a very good privacy feature if you want to send any confidential media. And want the viewer to see it only once. Start using View Once starring today.




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