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Clipt is now available for iOS-Download Now from App Store.

Clipt is finally available for iOS devices. OnePlus introduced Clipt a few months ago at that time it was available only for Android devices.

Clipt is a mobile application that allows you to transfer files, photos, videos, and text between your phone and laptop – streamlining your devices for easier use. Clipt was Developed by OneLab Team. OneLab is a startup from the OnePlus business. Initially, Clipt was designed to connect with their users but later it was decided and made available for everyone.  

Clipt New Update.

So using Clipt mobile application. You can share your Clipboard text, Files, Images, or any other Media with any of your other devices. Or to Your PC/Mac using Chrome Extension.

With the launch of Clipt for iOS devices. Clipt is now available on App Store, Google Play Store, and Google Chrome Extension.

Go Download now and make a seamless transfer between your devices.

App Store

Google Play Store 

Google Chrome Extension.

Clipt new Update for Android and Chrome:

Along with the iOS Launch. One lab also released an update to Clipt Android /Chrome. The update brings the following changelog:


Swipe right to discover pinned storage. An area to keep your most commonly used text, files, and photos for easier and quicker access.


Now you can duplicate or delete unused devices. Click the three dots in the pull-down menu.


See uploads and downloads of photos and files in real-time.


  • “Clear all” button added to delete all clipboard history.
  • Improved onboarding process as the last one was a little tricky.
  • Filter buttons are now streamlined into an icon.
  • Support email added into “contact us”.
  • Rather than turning off notifications, you can specify set times to pause alerts.

Have you guys tried Clipt? If not yet, give it a try you guys will like it. It will ease your task and save you time. I’ve been using it since its launch and it eases my tasks.

Download now

App Store

Google Play Store 

Google Chrome Extension.

Do let us know your Opinions on Clipt after giving it a try.



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