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How to use Mobile Internet on PC via USB Cable.

In Today’s World Internet has become a common thing in our day-to-day life. We all are having access to internet on our mobiles, PCs, Tablets, Smart devices and a lot more.

But you can’t get internet access to your PC when you are in Public? Need internet connection instantly? Here’s a simple and easy solution.

Today we are here with a trick to use your Mobile Internet on PC using a USB cable. To use this you just need your Mobile, SIM card on your mobile with an Internet connection and a USB Cable. The Process used is called “tethering” which in simple words means Sharing of Mobile’s internet connection with other Computers.

Here’s how to Use Mobile internet on PC using USB Cable:

  • Open settings on Your mobile then Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering.
  • Now Turn on Wifi Hotspot on your Smartphone.
  • Then, Connect your Smartphone to your PC / Laptop using a USB cable.
  • Now enable USB tethering in Hotspot & Tethering menu.
  • After enabling the USB tethering you can access the internet on your PC.

That’s all, now you can use the internet on Your PC / Laptop without any interruptions

You can also use the Bluetooth tethering option from Hotspot & Tethering menu for sharing your Mobile data using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth tethering:

  • To use Bluetooth tethering, firstly Pair your Smartphone with your PC.
  • To pair, Open Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. Now click on pair new device.
  • Now Open settings > Bluetooth & devices on your PC. Click on add devices and pair with your Smartphone.
  • After Pairing, now enable Bluetooth tethering on Your Smartphone. Make sure you enable mobile data on your Smartphone.

Now after following it you can use your mobile internet on PC using your Smartphone. Apart from Bluetooth and USB tethering, you can also use Direct Hotspot to share the internet connection with your PC.

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