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OPPO Reno with a Side Mounted Camera?

Upcoming Oppo Smartphone might Come with an extra camera Hole on the Side frame of the Smartphone. OPPO’s new patent reveals some new camera Solution. 

In the past few years have seen many news innovations from OPPO. Now OPPO has filed a Patent which is titled ‘Electronic device and image capture direction control method therefor‘. The Patent was approved on September 16, 2021. And it was revealed by letsgodigital.

As per the Patent, we might see OPPO integrating a Mirror in the Smartphone along with a Camera Hole on the side Frame of the Smartphone.

This new solution helps to capture videos and photos from different angles. This will help in capturing the moving easily.

Here’s how the extra Camera Hole Work.

OPPO Side mounted Camera

With the inclusion of an extra hole on the side of the frame. at the height of the upper rear camera, the shooting direction of the camera can be changed easily.

Now with the inclusion of the mirror and hole. There is no need of moving your Smartphone as the mirror is placed in between the extra and the Main camera.

As soon as the camera detects that the subject is moving towards the right. The mirror Placed in-between will rotate. The side camera will be activated to continue to capture that direction with full Focus. There’s no need for any additional cameras that needed to be integrated.

There’s no information about when OPPO will bring this in their Smartphones. We might see this tech being used in the future Reno series smartphones. As Reno Series always brought an innovative camera solution.

Via: letsgodigital



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