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Realme UI 3.0 launching in October.

Realme confirmed to launch the realme UI 3.0 in October. We can expect its launch after the Official launch of Android 12 and the ColorOS 12 Global launch.

Realme UI 3.0 is launching in October. Today at the Launch event of Realme GT Neo 2. Realme announced the launch timeline of their realme UI 3.0.

As we all know realme’s UI is based on OPPO’s ColorOS with some unique features and some small changes in the UI. It is no doubt that the upcoming UI will be based on ColorOS 12.

OPPO recently launched ColorOS 12 in China and its global launch will take place next month. 

The latest ColorOS 12 is based on Android 12 and it brings a new UI design, Fast and smooth Animations, Smart sidebar 2.0, and Improved privacy and security. OPPO introduces 3D emojis called “Omoji“. Oppo also introduced PC Connect which will seamlessly connect your smartphone with your PC.

What to expect from Realme UI 3.0?

In the upcoming realme UI, We will be seeing most of the features of ColorOS 12 along with some additional features and also the integration of PC connect in it which was introduced with the realme GT master edition.

Also, we can expect realme to implement Android 12’s most loved Material You features. New Widgets and better Security.

As the upcoming UI will be based on Android 12. We will see many features of Android 12 also some customizations on top.

Realme hasn’t revealed any launch date of it but confirmed to launch in October.



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