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Amazon to hike the Prime Membership Plans.

Amazon Soon to Hike the Prime Membership Subscription price. The new Prime membership plan is to come into effect very soon.

Currently, Amazon Prime Yearly Subscription is available at Rs. 999. It’s a bundled Subscription along with Prime Membership you get to access all the Amazon Prime Services like one Day Delivery, Amazon Prime Music, Prime Video, Exclusive Offers, and Early access to sales.

Now Amazon is going to increase the Subscription Plan. The new Subscription Price will change from Rs. 999 to Rs. 1,499 Annually.

Prime price hike

The New revised Amazon Prime Plans are:

New Prime Membership Plans
New Prime Membership Plans

The New Plan will now start at Rs. 179 instead of Rs. 129. The quarterly plan is now Rs. 459 and the Annual Plan will now cost at Rs. 1,499.

Even after the hike in the Amazon Prime Membership Price. I feel Amazon Prime Membership Costs seem fairly Good considering the value it Provides.

There’s no exact time from when these new plans are gonna come into effect. It’s suggestive to get an Amazon Prime yearly subscription at Rs. 999. Get a Prime Yearly Subscription right now at Just Rs. 999 and save 500. If you are a student you can get it at just Rs. 499 using Amazon Youth Offer.

What do you guys think about the new Prime membership costs? Tell us in the Comments Below.



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