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How to Install TWRP recovery on realme Smartphone

Wanna Customize, Modify, and tweak your Smartphone? Also wanted to install Custom ROMs, root your device? But couldn’t coz you don’t know how to install Custom recovery on your SmartPhone?

No need to worry today we are here with a complete guide on how to install Custom Recovery on your smartphone.

Today let’s see how to install TWRP Custom recovery on your realme Smartphone. After installing TWRP recovery you can install Custom ROM, Modifications to your devices, and much more.

TWRP recovery
Credit: TWRP

To Install TWRP recovery on your realme. First, you need to Unlock the Bootloader on your Smartphone and then install TWRP recovery. Make sure you unlock your smartphone before installing TWRP recovery.

What we need are a USB Cable, TWRP image, and Platform Tools. Download the required files from the link below. 

Platform Tools

TWRP for realme.

If you can’t find TWRP for your realme device. Go and check out in telegram.

Before following the procedure. Kindly Note, the below method works on older realme devices and Not on new one’s.

We are not responsible for any damage, or any other issues happened with your smartphone. Do it at your Own risk. 

Steps to Install TWRP on any Realme smartphone:

  • First, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your realme Smartphone in Developer Options.

To enable Developer Option, Go to Settings>About Phone> Click on Build number till the developer option enabled pops up.

  • Next, Connect your Smartphone with Your PC via a USB cable. 
  • Change the transfer option from Charging only to File Transfer on Your Smartphone.
  • You will now get a Pop up to allow USB debugging allow it.
  • Next Open the Platform-tools folder downloaded.
  • Now Press shift and right-click on mouse then select open PowerShell window
  • Now type ‘ADB devices’ press enter to see whether your device is visible or not if not reconnect your device enabling USB Debugging.
  • Next type ‘ADB reboot bootloader’, wait for a few seconds your device will now boot into the bootloader.
  • Now type ‘fastboot devices’ to see whether your device is showing or not.

Note: If it isn’t showing open Device manager and see the error in the input device list and update the driver.

  • Now type ‘fastboot flashing unlock‘ then press enter. You will see an option on your device and then select unlock the bootloader. Now bootloader will be unlocked
  • Now in the PowerShell type ‘fastboot flash recovery’ and paste the ” TWRP Filename.img” downloaded and press enter.
  • That’s it TWRP gets installed on your device.

To enter into recovery mode you need to follow the below steps every time.

  • First, reboot into the bootloader by holding the Volume Down and Power buttons together.
  • After entering into bootloader select recovery option using Volume button and press Power button. 

Now you are in recovery mode. Now you can make tweaks to your smartphone by installing Custom ROMs or rooting your Smartphone by flashing Magisk or SuperSU zip.

After entering into TWRP recovery for the first time your device gets encrypted. To decrypt you need to click on Format the Data and type Yes. Now reboot into your device (Your complete data will be lost).

Thank You for reading the article, We assume that this article has helped you to successfully install TWRP recovery on your realme Smartphone. If you still face any issues, ask them in the comments below.

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