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Instagram will now notify users of technical issues and Outage.

Instagram to notify their users when there are any technical issues or any outage. After a massive Outage of Facebook services in the recent time. That recent outage includes Instagram and other Facebook services like WhatsApp. Now Instagram introduces new features to encounter them.

In the latest blog.post, Instagram shared the details that they are currently working on a new feature that will notify you in your Activity Feed When users experience an outage or technical issue, and when it is resolved.

Instagram notify about any technical issues or Outage.

Instagram is running this test already in the US and it will expand to other regions in the coming months.

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Along with that Instagram is also introducing a new tool called “Account Status”. It lets the users know what’s happening with their accounts and Content.

Account Status

In simple it will let the users know any content of them was against the Instagram guidelines. 

Using the Account Status tool. Users can appeal the Instagram decision of removing Posts by using the “Request a review” button.

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