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Samsung rollable smartwatch: files a patent for a rollable smartwatch with a camera

In the past few years, we have seen significant growth for smartwatches, and brands have also started focusing on smartwatches along with smartphones. We have seen brands improving their smartwatches with new features and now it’s time for rollable smartwatches.

Samsung is working on a rollable smartwatch. Samsung already has foldable smartphones in the house with Z fold and Z flip series. This year, Samsung launched the Galaxy watch series 4. Now it looks like Samsung is moving ahead and might produce and rollable Smart Watch.

Samsung rollable smartwatch

Samsung files a new patent for a rollable smartwatch and it even houses a camera at the center. The patent was filed by Samsung Electronics with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) (Via: letsgodigital)

Samsung rollable smartwatch
Image credit: Letsgodigital

If you look at the above patent design you can see how the new rollable smartwatch may look. In the above image, you can see the rollable display along with a camera at the center of the display.

At initial, it is just like another circular smartwatch, but after pressing the crown the display gets expanded along with the dial. The display rolls out from both top and bottom sides and forms a pill-shaped display. In rolled-out mode, the display is 40% larger than usual.

It is also possible to expand the display by swiping on the screen along with crown functionality. The expanded screen will allow users to watch content on a larger screen not only that you can expand only one as per your needs. This allows users to make decisions as per their needs, they can do multi-tasking. On one side they can open an app and on the other side play media.

The middle frame in between the display houses a camera. We may see other sensors too along with the camera like a flash, Proximity, and the camera can be used to capture photos and videos.

We also saw the leaked images of a meta smartwatch with a camera housing. Now it’s from Samsung with a rollable display. We might see this type of smartwatch from Samsung in a year or two.

Are you guys excited about the rollable smartwatch?



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