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Nothing Launcher First Look: There’s Nothing?

Nothing has Launched Nothing launcher (Beta). It’s now available on Google Playstore for download.

After it’s an announcement at the nothing’s truth event. Today, Nothing has made it available globally on Google Play Store.

Nothing Launcher:

Here’s your first look at it. The app version is 1.0.0 and it supports android V8.0 and above.

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To enable the launcher Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Home App > Nothing Launcher.

Nothing Launcher
Nothing Launcher Home Screen

The Home Screen by default comes with a 4×5 App grid and a kind of unique wallpaper. You get rounded Icons.

Apart from that you also get three widgets from nothing and an App icon / Apps Folder enlarge option.

Nothing Widgets
Nothing Widgets

The above are the three exclusive widgets that you get from installing the launcher. It is currently available in beta mode and we might see more additions in the future versions.

App Icon / Folder Enlarge Option
App Icon / Folder Enlarge Option

Nothing Launcher is now available on the Google Play Store for the Samsung S21, S22, Google Pixel 5, and 6 series (OnePlus coming soon).

It supports certain devices running A12 and for some devices incompatible.

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There’s nothing much in the new Nothing Launcher apart from these three widgets, App Icon / App folder enlarge option. Since it’s a beta version of the app there isn’t much and we might expect more features in the future versions.

Have you tried the new launcher from Nothing?



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