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Twitter to get the edit button! Twitter confirms it’s working on an edit button.

Twitter to finally get an edit button. Looks like a Twitter user’s wish is finally going to come true.

Edit button on Twitter was the most requested feature by the users on Twitter for a very long time. And edit button for the tweets makes sense which allows you to make changes when there are any errors in your tweet.

Earlier today Twitter has officially confirmed they are working to bring an edit button and will be made available pretty soon.

Twitter said they have been working on an edit feature since last year. In the coming months, Twitter will start testing the edit tweets feature within Twitter blue.

After Twitter testing, it completely will be made available to the users, and users can make use of it and edit their tweets.

How twitters edit button might work?

Here’s a big question on how this edit button might work. Different people have different opinions on it.

here are some of the opinions of Twitter users

The majority of the people say there should be a certain time limit to edit a tweet after a tweet has been posted. It looks a great option and twitter might also give a certain time to make edits to your tweets.

Are you guys excited to edit your tweets?

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