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You shouldn’t miss these Amazon and Flipkart price tracker extensions.

Well, we all know amazon and Flipkart provides many offers and products at discounted prices in their sales. But, they show the MRP prices of those products they will never sell at those prices and provide a discount over that price.

Here are the two extensions you should use on your PC to know the usual price before getting them in the sale. These two extensions will let you know whether the offer price is a great steal or not.

Not only that these extensions can also be used to see the deals and you can add the product which you want the top to buy if it’s out of stock, then with the help of these extensions you can know when the particular product will be back in stock.

The two amazon and Flipkart price tracker extensions are Flipshope and Keepa.

Flipkart Price tracker extension-Flipshope

flipkart price tracker extension

Flipshopee is an extension for shopping on Flipkart. using this extension you can watch the price track the product prices and also auto-buy the products. This auto-buy option comes in handy when you want to buy any products in a flash sale.

As you can see in the above image I’ve added PS5 sale details, as we all know how difficult is it to get a PS5 right now.

Watch price helps you to add any product to your wishlist and will notify you whenever there’s a price drop on the product.

The price Graph is one of the features which I liked a lot this feature shows the average price of the product. It shows the minimum and the maximum price based on that you can decide whether to go for it or not.

Here’s a price Graph of Puma RalphSampson White sneakers which I bought recently. Have a look at how it describes the price on a daily basis.

flipkart price tracker extension

Now let’s talk about Amazon’s extension. Though you can use this one on Amazon as well for Amazon especially it is better to use keepa.


Yes, you heard it right. It is called Keepa. using this extension you can track the price history of any particular product which is sold on amazon. You just need to add this extension to your browser. Now you need to copy the product link, open the keepa site and paste the link in the search menu and click on search.

Keepa Extension
Keepa Extension

Now you will get a graph showing the Price details of the product over a certain period of time. Based on that you can judge whether it’s a great deal or not.

These are the two extensions that you should use before buying anything on Amazon and Flipkart.

As Flipkart already announced the Big Diwali Sale, we will be making a post on the best buy products.

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