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Android 12 is Here; Comes with Completely new UI, material Design with even more privacy and security features.

Android 12
Android 12 is here for you, Finally, Google has announced Android 12 yesterday in Google I/O 2021 keynote. Google also released the first Beta of Android 12 to eligible Pixel and other devices Starting today.
Android 12 brings the biggest changes in the History of Android. Android 12 is the First Android version where we are seeing many Changes, features implemented. The latest Android Comes with a New Material Design, Complete different interface which wasn’t seen in the Developers’s Preview. Android 12 comes with the New Clock Style, refined and redesigned widgets, a bigger Clock on the Lock screen, a New notification Panel, and Much More.
Android 12 is mainly focused on three things:
  • Deeply Personal.
  • Private and Secure.
  • Better together.
The Biggest Change of Android 12 is its Looks, Google has Completely changed it from Lock Screen to Settings, it provides an entirely new and Wonderful experience. You will see a Complete Change in colors, Icon shapes, motion in Android 12.

What’s New in Android 12 :

Credit: Google 
In Android 12 you get an all-new range of Personalization which lets you change the entire UI. Android 12 on Pixel devices, you can completely personalize your phone with a custom color palette and redesigned widgets. On Android 12 when you set any wallpaper, the system automatically determines which Colors Suits it the best. It then applies those colors across the entire OS, including notification shade, the lock screen, the volume controls, and widgets. 
Android 12 also brings Changes to the most important spaces on your phone, As Android 12 brings you an all-new redesigned notification shade, new quick settings, and even the power button menu. The new Android 12 UI is Completely revamped. 

The notification shade is more intuitive and playful, with a crisp look and Quick Settings that let you control practically the entire operating system with a swipe and a tap. It’s been rebuilt to include Google Pay and Home Controls, while still allowing for customization. You also get a new media widget, redesigned brightness slider, a brand new look for the calculator app. When You Clear all the Notifications on the Home screen now you see a bigger Clock on Home Screen. When it comes to the Widgets, they look very amazing and pleasing to watch.

Google Said this could be possible because of “Their deep collaboration between our software, hardware and Material Design teams”. Google is calling this single design language “Material You. To know more about Material You
Android 12 also brings Performance improvements, Google has simplified interactions and recrafted the entire underlying system to make your experience more fluid and efficient with Android 12. Android 12 is also Claimed to be faster and more responsive with better power efficiency. Google said, “This was achieved by some under-the-hood improvements including reducing the CPU time needed for core system services by up to 22% and reducing the use of big cores by the system server by up to 15%”.


Android 12 is not just about Looks and Performance but when it Comes to Security Android 12 is now even more Secure and Comes with new Privacy and Security Features. 


Android 12 Dashboard
android 12 security
On Privacy and Security, Android 12 brings a new Privacy Dashboard that offers a single view into all your permissions settings and what data is being accessed, how often, and by which apps. you can also revoke app permissions right from the dashboard. Google also added a new indicator to the top right of your status bar which lets you know when any of your apps are accessing your microphone or camera.
Maps on Android 12
Android 12 introduces new approximate location permissions, which lets the apps limited to seeing just your approximate location instead of a precise location, which is a really great feature. Apart from these new privacy features in Android 12, Google is also building privacy protections directly into the OS.
I’ve also timestamped a video below, which shows the First look of Android 12 Beta 1 running on a Google Pixel 4a. So far I feel, Android 12 brings us all things which we were waiting for a long time and the Design and UI of Android 12 are pleasing to watch. As I haven’t used it personally can’t say much about it but. This is the Android 12 beta 1 and we have still three more beta updates to follow which end in August and we might expect a stable release somewhere in September / October.
Android 12 roadmap

Android 12 Beta 1 First Look :

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Google released Android 12 Beta 1 and here’s the list of Supported devices :
Pixel 5, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 4a,  Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3 XL
Pixel 3a, Asus Zenfone 8, Pixel 3, OPPO Find X3 Pro, Realme GT, IQOO 7 Legend, MI 11, MI 11 ULTRA, Mi 11i, MI 11X PRO, ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G, TCL 20 Pro 5G.
Thanks for reading the article, Hope you guys like it and Please let us know what are your thoughts on the latest Android 12.



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